Bakkafrost temporarily shuts down plant over listeria

The factory has since been cleaned and restarted.

Last week, salmon producer Bakkafrost discovered listeria present on some of its equipment at its new factory in Glyvrar just north of the capital Torshavn on the Faroe Islands.

Laila Jacobsen, head of food for the Faroese Food Safety Authority, confirmed the listeria findings to IntraFish.

“We are in control of the matter and have a dialogue with the company about the incident,” she said in a brief comment.

The machines were immediately stopped and then thoroughly washed. Buyers of salmon which may have been contaminated have been notified.

Bakkafrost's factory has since been cleaned and restarted.

The amount of listeria bacteria found should be small, under ten bacteria per gram.

The advice usually given is that food with less than 100 bacteria per gram can be eaten if boiled or heat treated.


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