Dawnfresh automates for retail code of practice compliance

The Scottish producer implemented a new control system for the packaging line. 

Scottish trout producer and processor Dawnfresh invested in automation to ensure compliance with retailers’ codes of practice, reports Packaging Europe.  

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It implemented OAL Connected system to control the packaging line preventing product recalls related to label and date code errors as well as delivering a 10 percent uplift in packaging line throughput.

Dawnfresh produces for foodservice and retail, both in the United Kingdom and around the world, including for retailer Marks & Spencer.

The OAL system works by scanning a 2D barcode printed on every product to check and verify the date code and packaging is correct. If a mismatch error occurs, the line stops, and you investigate the problem. 

Since the installation, Dawnfresh has had zero product recalls relating to label and date code errors, according to the news website. 


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