Camanchaca CEO responds to hazardous discharge fines

Ricardo Garcia says the company is 'committed to the care of the environment.'

Camanchaca CEO Ricardo Garcia responded to the company getting slapped with fines for hazardous waste discharge, saying the group is planning to request a reconsideration of the amount of the fines. 

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In an email to IntraFish, Garcia said the discharge was totally accidental, due to a pipe rupture, and the company has been cooperative. 

In addition, there was no harm to human health from the spill. 

Garcia added that after the Chilean volcano eruption in spring 2015, the facility was "entirely rebuilt," and reopened last August. 

The reconstruction allowed for "significant environmental improvements," including measures that eliminate risks in case of a future pipe rupture. 

"Camanchaca is genuinely committed to the care of the environment" and wants to collaborate transparently with the authorities during this process, he added.


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