Galician canning sector to receive €100 million in funding

The money will be provided by the EU, the Spanish government and the Galician regional government.

The Galician regional government (Xunta de Galicia) pledged to invest €100 million ($108.9 million) in the seafood canning industry co-funded by the European Union, the Spanish central government, and the Xunta, reports El Ideal Gallego.

The funding will “seek to add value to every product,” and is aimed at supporting the industry and helping the region to “continue to be the best in the sector,” said Alberto Nunez Feijo, president of La Xunta.

As part of the strategic plan for the sector, Feijoo said the industry will look to consolidate in gourmet markets.

Feijoo also highlighted the role Anfaco plays in the promotion of the Galician canning sector at a global level.


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