FishPac receives Chinese air freight approval

The approval gives the company new opportunities with seafood exporters shipping live fish to the country.

Australian seafood equipment manufacturer FishPac received approval by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to use its packaging for airfreight transport of live seafood in shipments to China.

Chinese ports are now able to receive live aquatic shipments for the first time with the IATA changes. Cathay Pacific Airlines and Dragon Air Airlines have also received the approvals to transport FishPac shipments into all Chinese ports.

 “The China approval issue had been an ongoing issue for many years,” said John Curtain, managing director at FishPac.

“IATA’s changes, which were mooted 2-3 years ago, and announced at the commencement of this year, opened many doors for shippers to take advantage of shipping their product live with the FishPac system into China, which is the biggest seafood market in the world," he said. "It’s a significant opportunity.”


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