Belarus finds listeria in Marine Harvest salmon products

Norway's food safety authority orders review of packaging processes at Marine Harvest plant.

Belarussian authorities have detected listeria in salmon originated from the Marine Harvest facility in Eggesbones, Norway, according to document obtained by IntraFish.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet) has been notified and an inspection has been conducted.

The frozen salmon products in question were processed between Feb. 22 and 24 last year. They were analyzed by Belarussian authorities in October.

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However, Mattilsynet's consequent inspections of samples from the plant came back negative.

In a letter sent to Marine Harvest, food safety officials said their main impression was "good practices" were in place and that they were met with a "positive approach and willingness to find the cause" of the listeria.

"Our general impression is that a good internal control system is in place," Mattilsynet said.

Marine Harvest will nevertheless get a notification of order.

Mattilsynet also pointed out packing space at the facility was limited, and was not well suited for hosing equipment and conveyors.

Eivind Naevdal-Bolstad, public affairs manager at Marine Harvest, told IntraFish it received the Mattilsynet report and that it is required to consider the improvement of the packing process.

"Such a review will be made, and any improvements will be implemented," he said.

The deadline of the completion of the review is set for Jan. 30.


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