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Canadian farmed salmon prices stabilizing

After climbing in the first half of the year, insiders say prices are slowly decreasing. 

After climbing significantly earlier this year, Canadian salmon prices are stabilizing a bit, according to industry insiders. 

Marine Harvest North America Sales Director Ken Taylor told IntraFish prices "have adjusted down from the high peaks" of the first quarter. 

For 6-10 pound and 8-10 pound fish, Taylor said the prices are hitting between $3.10 (€2.63) and $3.20 (€2.71). 

For 10-12 pound and 12-14 pound fish, prices are between $3.20 (€2.71) and $3.40 (€2.88), and for the limited supply of 14-16 and 16-18 pound fish, prices are $3.80 (€3.22) and $4 (€3.39).  

"Those prices are actually down," Taylor said. "In the last month, we've probably adjusted down close to five percent and quarter over quarter, it will probably be a 10 percent drop." 

Harvest volumes for western Canada were down for the first half of the year compared to the same time last year, Taylor said, allowing stability on the market prices. For this third quarter, he's seen some harvest volumes that have started coming in and "that will continue through Q3 and Q4," he said. 

The summer can always be quieter for farmed Canadian salmon, Taylor said, because of the big Alaska salmon push. 

"We know most retailers will be promoting sockeyes," he said. 

Cooke Aquaculture's Andrew Lively has an interesting perspective -- with the purchase of Icicle Seafoods last summer, it's the Canadian farmer's first season in the Alaska wild salmon season, too.

Lively told IntraFish that "demand remains strong" for Cooke's farmed salmon and "prices have remained strong both for the Alaska salmon and the Atlantic salmon," he said. 

As Taylor said, retailers are busy pushing wild salmon now, so summertime yields more foodservice customers for Cooke, as well. 

Lively said he's had more chefs put Cooke's True North logo in their restaurants because "they're seeing the benefits of putting a brand on their menus." 


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