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Prices of Chilean salmon into US take a second nosedive

For the second week in a row, prices have plummeted. 

For the second week in a row,  prices for Trim D wholesale Chilean salmon into the US market took a nosedive, falling $0.29 (€0.25) per pound in week 30 to $4.98 (€4.22), according to the latest figures from DataSalmon.

This was after a fall of $0.21 (€0.18) in week 29

Prices for head-on whole Chilean salmon into Brazil sized 10-12 dropped just $0.03 (€0.03) to $6.79 (€5.75) per kilo during the week.

Continuing the trend from the past several weeks, prices of frozen H&G coho and trout into the Japanese market remained put at JPY 865 ($7.84/€6.64) and JPY 1,050 ($9.51/€8.06) per kilo, respectively.

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The data is based on average prices from 15 Chilean exporters, representing 80 percent of the fresh supply from Chile.

Through an agreement, DataSalmon is using information from SalmonEx USA and Brazil index for the preparation of the reports.

The SalmonEx Index represents real sales, invoiced and delivered, between Monday and Sunday from the week prior, and most of these prices are negotiated the week before that.


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