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IntraFish Price Tracker week 31: Shrimp headed to US hold steady in price

Meanwhile, Chilean salmon prices into US plummet.

Shrimp prices followed by IntraFish on the New York Frozen Auction remained flat in the week ending July 28.

Indonesian vannamei prices were $5.20 (€4.60) per pound for sizes 26/30, and at $4.65 (€4.10) per pound for sizes 31/40.

White farmed shrimp from India sold at $6 (€5.30) per pound for sizes 16/20; $5.25 (€4.58) per pound for sizes 21/25; and $4.75 (€4.20) per pound for sizes 26/30.

Thailand white shrimp, tail-on was sold at $4.90 (€4.30) per pound for sizes 31/35 and $4.85 (€4.30) per pound for sizes 36/40.

Prices of white shrimp from Ecuador were $4.40 (€3.90) for sizes 31/35, $4.20 (€3.70) for sizes 36/40 and $4.05 (€3.60) for sizes 41/50.

Frozen tilapia still unchanged

The price of tilapia fillets from China size 5-7lb, 3-5lb and 7-9lb did not change and were $2.15 (€1.88), $1.95 (€1.70) and $2.25 (€2) per pound, respectively, at the NY frozen auction in week 30.

Norwegian salmon prices slump by 'at least' NOK 3

Norwegian farmed salmon prices have seen another drop this week with industry players telling IntraFish they are down by at least NOK 3 (€0.32/$0.38) per kilo on average into next week.

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Friday morning there was a big gap between prices and after 2.30 pm CET, the message from several sources is prices are down around NOK 3 (€0.32/$0.38) per kilo “at least."

“There is not much trade and people are waiting. Producers are getting NOK 3 (€0.32/$0.38) less per kilo this week, compared with the previous one,” said one exporter.

Other exporters gave estimates for several salmon sizes. See them here. 

Nasdaq: Norway salmon prices creep back up in week 29

After a couple of weeks of drops, average Norwegian farmed salmon prices climbed back up slightly in week 29, according to the latest figures from Nasdaq.

During the week, prices were up by almost 5 percent -- or by NOK 2.98 (€0.32/$0.37) per kilo -- compared with the week prior, to hit NOK 64.61 (€6.90/$8.10) per kilo on average, said the figures.

The prices were also nearly 3 percent or NOK 1.86 (€0.20/$0.23) per kilo higher compared with 12 weeks ago.

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However, the average prices in week 29 were still down nearly 7 percent or by NOK 4.70 (€0.51/$0.59) per kilo compared with a month ago, said Nasdaq.

See what the prices were for the most popular salmon sizes here. 

Chilean salmon prices into US plummet

Prices for Chilean salmon into the US plummeted in week 29, falling $0.21 ($0.18) per pound in just a week to $5.27 (€4.52), according to the latest figures from DataSalmon.

See more Chilean seafood prices here. 

Gulf of Mexico shrimp landings take a dip in June

June shrimp landings for the Gulf of Mexico were significantly below normal levels, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Gulf shrimpers landed 10.9 million pounds of shrimp last month, nearly one million pounds less than June 2016 and 37.6 percent below the 15-year historic average.


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