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Nasdaq: Norway salmon prices creep back up in week 29

Prices were up across the board this week, after suffering recent drops.

After a couple of weeks of drops, average Norwegian farmed salmon prices climbed back up slightly in week 29, according to the latest figures from Nasdaq.

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During the week, prices were up by almost 5 percent -- or by NOK 2.98 (€0.32/$0.37) per kilo -- compared with the week prior, to hit NOK 64.61 (€6.90/$8.10) per kilo on average, said the figures.

The prices were also nearly 3 percent or NOK 1.86 (€0.20/$0.23) per kilo higher compared with 12 weeks ago.

However, the average prices in week 29 were still down nearly 7 percent or by NOK 4.70 (€0.51/$0.59) per kilo compared with a month ago, said Nasdaq.

All of the major weight class across the board saw a lift during the week.

The most popular size during the week was 4-5 kilograms -- accounting for 29.18 percent of the total farmed salmon traded.

Fish this size were selling at an average price of NOK 65.16 (€7/$8.20) per kilo, up NOK 0.93 (€0.10/$0.12) per kilo compared with the week prior.

The second-most popular size in week 26 was 5-6 kilograms, accounting for around 26.22 percent of the total market.

These fish were selling at average prices of NOK 67.15 (€7.20/$8.40) per kilo, up NOK 1.21 (€0.13/$0.15)per kilo on average week-on-week.

Another popular size category was 3-4 kilograms -- accounting for 23.52 percent of the market. Here prices were also up by NOK 1.10 (€0.12/$0.14) per kilo over the week to hit NOK 62.91 (€6.80/$7.90) per kilo on average.

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The Nasdaq Salmon Index is the weighted average of weekly reported sales prices and corresponding volumes in fresh Atlantic superior salmon, head on gutted (HOG), and reported to Nasdaq Commodities by a panel of Norwegian salmon exporters and salmon producers with export licenses. The panel is representative for the total exports out of Norway.


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