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Norwegian salmon market ‘like a rollercoaster’

Prices stay strong this week, hovering just under the NOK 70 mark.

Norwegian farmed salmon prices remain strong this week, with some edging up slightly, according to industry players.

One exporter told IntraFish price levels were around NOK 1 (€0.11/$0.12) to NOK 2 (€0.21/$0.24) higher than the level seen last Friday, and sizes between 3 and 6 kilograms are being traded at about NOK 66 (€7/$7.80) to NOK 68 (€7.20/$8) per kilo.

“It is surprising that the price came up,” he said. “It is partly due to currency, but also in euro the price is a little up.”

The exporter pointed to low levels of harvest, adding that “many are afraid that prices will fall again."

Another exporter reviews the market as typical for "summertime.

“There are not so many who are buying loads of salmon with prices so high,” he said.

“At the same time, we are saved by the fact that it is also quiet on the seller side, with less in the market than we had expected.” He described the market as "difficult."

A European buyer agreed, saying the market is hard, and “like a rollercoaster” at the moment.

“At best we can call it exciting,” he said.

According to the buyer, prices are the same for all weight classes of three to six kilograms. “We pay exactly €8 per kilogram delivered,” he said. 

“It's hard to know what's going on next week, so we're distributing the purchase a bit,” he said.

IntraFish was told of the following prices, FOB farmer, ranging from lowest north to highest in south:

  • Sizes 2-3 kilograms -- NOK 60 (€6.30/$7.10) to NOK 61 (€6.40/$7.20) per kg
  • Sizes 3-4 kilograms -- NOK 66 (€7/$7.80) to NOK 69 (€7.30/$8.10) per kg
  • Sizes 4 kilograms and above -- NOK 68 (€7.20/$8) to NOK 69 (€7.30/$8.10) per kg

Prices on all weight classes above 4 kilograms are stated to be about the same, although possibly with slightly lower prices of six kilograms and above as “there are many big fish,” said an exporter.


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