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IntraFish Price Tracker week 16: Shrimp prices nudge up while tuna falls down

Norwegian salmon prices fluctuate and rise while Chilean salmon prices stay flat.

Prices of tilapia fillets from China during the week ended April 14 held steady.

Weight class 3-5 lb, 5-7 lb and 7-9 lb stayed the same at $1.95 (€1.82), $2.10 (€1.96) and $2.35 (€2.20) per pound, respectively, according to the New York Frozen Auction.

Meanwhile, shrimp prices for certain sizes and origins climbed, week-on-week.

Indian, white farmed shrimp prices for the weight class 16/20 lb and 21/25 lb increased by $0.05 (€0.04) to $6.00 (€5.60) and $5.35 (€4.99) per pound, respectively. Weight class 26/30 lb stayed the same at $4.85 (€4.52).

Indonesian tail-on vannamei prices were unchanged at $5.20 (€4.91) and $4.70 (€4.44) per pound for weight classes 26/30 lb and 31/40 lb, respectively in week 15

Meanwhile, Thailand white tail-on shrimp prices went up by $0.05 (€0.04) for size 31/35 to $5.15 (€4.80) while size 34/40 fell by $0.10 (€0.09) to $4.75 (€4.43).

Ecuador white farm shrimp prices stayed the same at $4.45 (€4.15) and $4.15 (€3.87) for sizes 31/35 and 41/50, respectively, while size 36/40 pries went up by $0.05 to $4.30 (€4.01).

Monthly prices for frozen whole skipjack tuna raw material fell by $200 (€186.5) to $1,500 WPO in March, according to bangkok landings reported by Thai Union.

Norwegian farmed salmon prices to jump after Easter

Prices for Norwegian salmon with delivery due after Easter are up from the level seen the previous week. However, it was still too early to give a definite forecast, according to industry players IntraFish talked to last week.

One exporter reported prices of around NOK 65 (€7.10/$7.60) per kilo flat for anything more than 3 kg at the beginning of next week. But then it will fall around NOK 2 (€0.22/$0.23) to NOK 3 (€0.33/$0.35) per kilo, he said.

With inventories low, buyers hope for higher farmed shrimp volumes

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Another exporter said,"early in the week it will be NOK 64 (€7/$7.40) to NOK 65.50 (€7.20/$7.60) per kilo, and falling thereafter."

One exporter told IntraFish price levels were expected to be NOK 3 (€0.33/$0.35) per kilo lower towards the back end of the week.

Nasdaq: Farmed salmon prices fluctuate across sizes

Norwegian salmon prices fell 0.74 percent week-on-week, to an average NOK 62.49 (€6.90/$7.30) per kilo, according to Nasdaq.

Average prices during week 14 were NOK 5.13 (€0.56/$0.60) per kilo, or 8.94 percent higher than prices seen four weeks earlier.

The most popular sizes, with 32.5 percent of the market share, was the weight class 4-5 kg, which sold at an average NOK 62.86 (€6.90/$7.30) per kilo, down by NOK 0.68 (€0.07/$0.08) per kilo, or 0.49 percent from the previous week.  

For more prices for the other weight classes, go here.

Chile salmon prices flat across the board

Chilean salmon prices remained stable in week 14, with only minor drops seen for products heading into the United States and Brazil, according to the latest figures from DataSalmon.

Prices for average D trim Chilean salmon heading into the US market fell $0.03 (€0.03) to $6.14 (€5.80) per pound while those for head-on whole salmon 10-12 wholesale into Brazil dropped by $0.04 (€0.04) to $8.13 (€7.70) per kilo.

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