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IntraFish Price Tracker week 14: Indian shrimp prices leap

Prices for salmon and Chinese tilapia stay stable.

Prices of tilapia fillets from China were steady during the week ended March 31.

They stayed at $1.95 (€1.80) per pound for weight class 3-5 lb; $2.15 (€2) per pound for the weight class 5-7 lb, and $2.25 (€2.10) per pound for the weight class 7-9 lb.

Shrimp prices, one the other hand, saw some changes week-on- week.

Indian, white farmed shrimp prices for the weight class 16/20 lb went up $0.20 (€0.19) week-on-week, to $5.95 (€5.60); sizes 21/25 lb went up by $0.20 (€0.19) as well, to $5.20 (€4.90); and 26/30 lb sizes increased by $0.15 (€0.14), to $4.75 (€4.50) per pound.

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Indonesian tail-on vannamei prices stayed at $5.10 (€4.80) per pound, showing no changes from the prior week. The New York Frozen Auction did not provide prices for weight class 31/40 lb.

Meanwhile, Thailand white tail-on shrimp prices were $2.10 (€2)/lb for weight class 31/35 lb, and $4.85 (€4.60)/lb for the 36/40 category, also flat week-on-week.

Ecuador white farm shrimp saw a $0.05 (€0.05)/lb decrease week-on-week for weight class 31/35 lb, to $4.45 (€4.20) per pound and for weight class 36/40 lb, averaging $4.25 (€4) per pound.

The 41/50 lb category remained at $4.15 (€3.90) per pound for the second consecutive week.

Salmon stays flat

Norwegian farmed salmon prices remained flat compared with prices seen a week before, with the exception of large sizes from northern Norway, which saw a fall.   

IntraFish was given the following salmon prices on Friday, with the lowest reported in northern Norway:

  • Size 3-6 kg -- NOK 58 (€6.30/$6.80) to NOK 60.50 (€6.60/$7.10) per kg
  • Size 6+ kg -- NOK 58 (€6.30/$6.80) to NOK 60 (€6.60/$7) per kg

Likewise, Chilean salmon prices to Brazil remained flat at $8.16 per kilogram on week 12, the latest prices given by DataSalmon.

Chilean salmon prices in the United States remained relatively stable during the week according to DataSalmon, which reported prices falling by $0.02 week-on-week, to $6.11 per pound.

Prices of Chilean salmon to Japan also remained flat, at an average JPY 875 (€7.30/$7.90) per kilo for coho, and JPY 1,100 (€9.10/$9.90) per kilo of trout.

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