IntraFish Price Tracker week 11: Scallop, salmon prices stabilize

Norwegian salmon prices could see 'moderate increases' this week.

Sea scallop prices for the sizes tracked by IntraFish on the Gloucester & New Bedford Frozen auction mostly remained unchanged in week 11.

The prices for U/10, 10/20 and 20/30 scallops sold in 5-pound blocks were the same at $20.25 (€18.81), $14.38 (€13.36) and $12.25 (€11.38), respectively.

Meanwhile, prices for U/12 increased by $0.25 (€0.23) to $20.25 (€18.81), week-on-week.

Prices tracked by IntraFish on the New York Frozen auction will not be updated until March 24, according to the auction site.

Norwegian salmon prices are expected to remain stable into next week, according to industry sources IntraFish spoke to Friday.

One exporter told IntraFish there are "moderate increases" from levels seen this week. He sold fish priced NOK 1 (€0.11/$0.12) per kg higher, however, put it down to changes in the currency.

Another exporter reported prices of around NOK 63 (€6.90/$7.40) per kilogram in the south for sizes 3-6 kg, and slightly lower prices for fish sized 6+ kg.

One European buyer said he was offered fish at €7.35 ($7.90) per kilogram, delivered northern Europe, which is the same level as this week.

Check out the Norwegian salmon prices prices told to IntraFish last Friday.

Nasdaq: Farmed salmon prices keep tumbling in week 10

Norwegian salmon prices continued dropping in week 10 and are down 16 percent compared to 12 weeks ago, according to the latest figures from Nasdaq.

At NOK 57.36 (€6.26/$6.66) per kilo on average, salmon prices in week 10 are now 2 percent, or NOK 1.08 (€0.12/$0.13), lower than a week ago and 10.35 percent, or NOK 6.62 (€0.72/$0.77), per kilo lower than a month ago.

Compared with 12 weeks ago, prices are now 21.69 percent, or NOK 15.89 (€1.74/$1.85) per kilo, lower, Nasdaq reported.

Prices were down slightly across the board this week. Check out the prices for the most popular sizes in week 10 in this IntraFish article.

Brazil shrimp prices doubled since June

Prices of Brazilian farmed shrimp doubled from June last year to January to BRL 30 (€28.20/$9.50), according to the Brazilian Association of Shrimp Breeders (ABBC)

Read more about the cause of falling production in this article.

Chilean salmon prices at a standstill in week 10

Chilean salmon prices for fish selling into the United States and Brazil remained fairly static in the tenth week of the year, rising just $0.01 (€0.01) to $6.12 (€5.77) and and $8.20 (€7.73) respectively, according to just-released figures from DataSalmon.

Coho into Japan stood still at JPY 875 ($103.50/€97.90) as did trout at JPY 1,100 (€9.10/$9.70) per kilo on average.


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