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Norwegian salmon prices set for 'moderate' increases

Farmers in the south are asking for the highest prices.

Norwegian salmon prices are expected to remain stable into next week, according to industry sources IntraFish spoke to Friday.

According to one farmer, there was talk the suspected ISA outbreak at a Bakkafrost farm on the Faroe Islands could push up prices.

"But that's just market talk," he said. "Prices are stable."

One exporter told IntraFish there are "moderate increases" from levels seen this week. He sold fish priced NOK 1 (€0.11/$0.12) per kg higher, however, put it down to changes in the currency.

Another exporter reported prices of around NOK 63 (€6.90/$7.40) per kilogram in the south for sizes 3-6 kg, and slightly lower prices for fish sized 6+ kg.

One European buyer said he was offered fish at €7.35 ($7.90) per kilogram, delivered northern Europe, which is the same level as this week.

IntraFish was informed of the following prices this Friday, with the highest reported in southern Norway.

Size 3-4 kg -- NOK 61.50 (€6.80/$7.30) to NOK 63 (€6.90/$7.40) per kg

Size 4-5 kg -- NOK 61.50 (€6.80/$7.30) to NOK 63 (€6.90/$7.40) per kg

Size 5-6 kg -- NOK 61.50 (€6.80/$7.30) to NOK 63 (€6.90/$7.40) per kg

Size 6+ kg -- NOK 61 (€6.70/$7.20) to NOK 62 (€6.80/$7.30) per kg


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