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Samherji, P&P subsidiary orders new trawler

The 80-meter long vessel will be designed by Rolls-Royce and built by Norwegian shipbuilder Kleven.

Samherji and P&P-owned Spanish fishing company Pesquera Ancora is commissioning Norwegian shipbuilder Kleven for the construction of a new 80-meter long stern trawler.

Pesquera Ancora is owned by UK Fisheries, which in turn is 50-50 owned by the two pelagic companies, Samherji in Iceland and Parlevliet & van der Plas (P&P) in the Netherlands.

The vessel will be a NVC 374 WP Rolls-Royce design and is to be delivered in February 2018.

This the fourth recent order Kleven has received for this type of trawler, following two orders from German company DFFU, and one by CDP Saint-Malo & Euronor in France.

"This is an important contract to us, and it confirms that Kleven can compete internationally in today’s market also when it comes to building fishing vessels," said Stale Rasmussen, CEO of Kleven.

"The fact that a Spanish ship owner comes to Norway to have their vessel built is in itself remarkable."