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Skretting brings fishmeal-free salmon feed to market

Fishmeal availability will not limit future growth of the industry, company said.

Skretting has brought to market a range of feeds with no requirement for fishmeal inclusion, giving the industry increasing flexibility with raw material inclusion and enabling available responsibly sourced fishmeal resources to go much further than in the past.

Its MicroBalance FLX range is the result of extensive work by Skretting's research arm, Skretting ARC.

“Feeding the future is Nutreco’s mission, and this breakthrough in raw material flexibility gives us the ability to provide a significant contribution to feeding the global population," said Jose Villalon, corporate sustainability director at parent company Nutreco.

Skretting Global Product Manager Grower Feeds Sissel Susort pointed out although Skretting now has the knowledge and capability to produce fishmeal-free feeds, it does not mean fishmeal will be eliminated from the products.

“The fact that we can do it is the key point," Susort said.

"We will work with our customers when and if they decide to use MicroBalance FLX feeds. The value of this knowledge will increase if fishmeal availability decreases in the future.

“To be fully flexible in our formulations, raw material knowledge and availability is vital. In Europe, market acceptance to use animal protein is low, so we need to have good vegetable alternatives available.”