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Norwegian salmon spot market prices on the rise

Upcoming Norwegian holidays may further pressure prices with limited harvests.

IntraFish spoke to spot market participants on Friday, who were relatively unanimous about the pricing level:

  • Size 3-4 kg -- NOK 63 (€6.70/$7.70) -- NOK 65  (€6.90/$7.90)per kg
  • Size 4-5 kg -- NOK 65 (€6.90/$7.90) -- NOK 66 (€7.10/$8.10) per kg
  • Size 5-6 kg -- NOK 65 (€6.90/$7.90) -- NOK 67 (€7.20/$8.20) per kg
  • Size 6+ kg -- NOK 67 (€7.20/$8.20) -- NOK 68 (€7.30/$8.30) per kg

"It is up around NOK 5 ($0.61/€0.53) per kg from the previous Friday. We also notice that prices have risen slightly through the day today," one exporter told Intrafish.

He pointed out there will be low supply in the upcoming week and although next week has five harvest days, there are only three harvest days a week after week 20.

"Fish prices are higher Thursday and Friday than the rest of the week," he said.

Another exporter IntraFish spoke to said they have not started processing their 2015 fish.

"We would have liked more fish to sell," he said, adding they noticed there is not much fish in the smallest sizes.