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Which country produces the best farmed salmon?

We asked seafood buyers their opinions on which country produces the best farmed salmon. Here's what they said.

With so much top-quality farmed salmon in the market, we got to wondering which country produces the best farmed salmon. So we reached out to the folks who are on the front lines of buying and selling salmon -- retail and foodservice buyers.

From this list of farmed salmon producing countries -- Norway, Scotland, Faroe Islands, Ireland, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, Tasmania, United States, Australia -- we asked a select group of buyers to tell us their opinions on the best farmed salmon in the world.

By “best” we mean salmon that is superior in taste, quality and appearance.

We did a similar survey a few years ago, and Scotland took top honors.

Once again, Scotland is the buyers choice for the country that produces the best farmed salmon. Below are the results for each country that received at least one vote.


scotland-flag_11.jpg Scotland's score: 7



canada.jpg Canada's score: 3



Faroes-flag1.jpg Faroe Island's score: 3



Ireland-flag.jpg Ireland's score: 2



Norway-flag.jpg Norway's score: 2



chile.jpg Chile's score: 1



new-zealand.jpg New Zealand's score: 1