FDA, CDC advise consumers not to eat Foppen smoked salmon

US officials have yet to detect bacteria in the product but are taking precautions based on its recall in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, they work to determine the cause of a multi-state salmonella outbreak.

The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) has 85 cases of salmonella in the United States on its books since July 1, well over the average of 30 for



this time period.  The disease has hit 27 states and resulted in 10 hospitalizations, CDC Spokeswoman Lola Russell told IntraFish.

Yet unclear is how many, if any, cases originated from the Foppen brand of smoked salmon that Costco removed from its shelves this week over salmonella concerns, the CDC said.

“However, consumers who may have purchased Foppen smoked salmon products should not eat these products and should discard any remaining product due to the recall,” FDA spokesperson Sebastian Cianci told IntraFish.

The CDC and FDA are collaborating on a multistate investigation into the cause of the infections of salmonella thompson, a common salmonella strain, and so far, the cause is unknown. That is the same strain identified as the cause of the Foppen brand’s infections.

The FDA has not issued an official recall of Foppen salmon products because the investigation is ongoing.