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NGO: Quebec consumers likely first in world to eat GM salmon

Group uses import data to theorize that the first-ever batch of GM salmon was sold to consumers in Quebec

Canadian NGO Vigilance OGM said Thursday that it believes the first-ever genetically modified (GM) salmon sold unlabeled into the Canadian market likely ended up on the plates of consumers in Quebec.

The cowardly way to sell salmon

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In August, it was discovered through a company financial filing that AquaBounty, the world's only producer of GM salmon, sold roughly 5 metric tons into Canada. The company refused to give any details about the wholesale buyer or buyers of the fish and where those fish were eventually sold to consumers in Canada.

Center said information from Statistics Canada shows that 4,682 tons of salmon from Panama was imported into Quebec in June 2017. Panama, at the moment, is the only place the company produces genetically modified salmon.

In defense of the GM salmon 'cowards'

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GMO Vigilance, the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN) and the Ecology Action

AquaBounty in its financial disclosure said it sold $53,000 (€44,700) of GM salmon during its second quarter, which ran from April to the end of June.

"If our suspicions are confirmed, Quebeckers would have been the first consumers of the world to eat a genetically modified animal," said Thibault Rehn, coordinator of Vigilance GMO.

Canadian law, at this point, does not require the company to label the salmon as genetically modified.

Although all of the major grocery chains have announced that they have not sold and have no plans to sell GM salmon, these intentions do not appear to apply to the processed or frozen products they sell," said Rehn.


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