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US vows to block fish processed in China with North Korean labor

An Associated Press investigation claimed North Korean workers in China get most of their salary directly sent to Kim Jong-Un's regime.

The US Customs and Border Protection said Friday it is ready to block US seafood imports produced by North Korean workers who work in China, reports The Inquirer.

The announcement comes as an Associated Press investigation suggests salmon, squid and cod processors are selling fish to American stores including Walmart and Aldi that were produced by North Korean workers working abroad in conditions of slavery.

AP report implicates Walmart, Aldi in North Korean labor scandal

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According to the AP report, North Korean workers found in Chinese factories aren't allowed to leave, and receive only a fraction of their pay while most of it goes to the North Korean state.

The AP investigation reports that American consumers may be inadvertently subsidizing the North Korean regime when they buy fish processed in China.


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