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Baader highlights innovations at whitefish processing event

More than 200 people from around the world turned up for Baader's inaugural whitefish event at its facilities in Luebeck.

Around 200 customers from all over the world gathered at the Baader Technology Center (BTC) in Luebeck, Germany, on Tuesday to see some of the company’s flagship products for the whitefish industry.

The day was filled with tours of the machines, live demonstrations of how they operate, as well as a series of presentations from big whitefish players.

Among others, Jörn Scabell from Frosta gave a look at the expectations from the fish processing machinery sector, while Leroy’s Thomas Farstad outlined his vision for the future of whitefish processing.

Gorjan Nikolik, an industry analyst with Rabobank, discussed the dynamics and outlook for both the global groundfish markets and freshwater whitefish market.

During the day, visitors were able to explore Baader equipment, its integrated systems and software solutions, as well as network.

Baader latest whitefish processing technology is designed to help optimize raw material utilization, reduce processing times, cleaning times and labor costs and improve processes throughout the whitefish value chain.

These included an integrated whitefish filleting solution with Baader 582 in combination with Baader 59; an X-ray controlled waterjet cutting solution; small whitefish processing with Baader 588; on board filleting with Baader 191; precise head cutting with Baader 444.

Also on display was pelagic processing equipment, including the company’s B’Logic software; separator technology; a scales and grading solution; smart technology called Industry 4.0; and a washing robot for cleaning both the inside and outside of machines.

Baader's managing director Robert Focke told IntraFish he was more than happy with the turnout for the inaugural whitefish event.


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