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New MSC appointee wants to make the organization 'a household name' in the US

The former SeaWeb communications manager is taking on the role of PR manager at the eco-label. 

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) appointed former SeaWeb Media Communications Manager Jackie Marks as its newest Senior PR Manager for the US in July -- and Marks told IntraFish she's ready to get back into the seafood industry. 

"The industry is not brand-new to me, it's a bit familiar," said Marks, who left SeaWeb in 2013 for the World Cocoa Foundation, but made her re-entry into the industry just two weeks ago. 

She said she's spending time "wrapping her head around the fisheries and areas that are important to the MSC," but her ultimate goal is to help push the organization's recognition in the US market. 

"The big, overarching goal that I share with the MSC ... is to make MSC a household name," Marks said. "I want to make the logo something people are very familiar with and comfortable with." 

This can present a bit more of a challenge in the United States than in other parts of the world, she admitted, so she's wanting it to catch up with the European Union in terms of brand recognition. 

"That is ultimately the goal," she explained. "The MSC and the blue check logo have been around in the EU for a long, long time, a lot longer than the US. 

"Getting that brand recognition is definitely part of my goal here and hopefully make it much more familiar for the consumer around the country." 


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