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Espersen purchases Royal Greenland plant

Royal Greenland will also enter into a long-term processing contract with Espersen for flatfish, whitefish and value-added consumer products.

Danish whitefish processing giant Espersen has signed a long-term strategic partnership with Royal Greenland, and inked a deal to acquire the latter's plant in Koszalin, Poland, which employs about 1,000 employees.

As part of the partnership agreement, Royal Greenland will enter into a long-term processing contract with Espersen for flatfish, whitefish and value-added consumer products. 

The agreement and change of ownership becomes effective on Sept. 1.

The Royal Greenland plant continues to operate with the current organisation and leadership and complements the Espersen plants in Koszalin, which employs more than 1,350 people in primary processing and value-adding activities.

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The two factories are about equal in terms of production capacity of value added products, and the partnership makes Espersen one of the largest employers in the Koszalin region.

Royal Greenland continues to purchase and supply raw materials for the Royal Greenland products produced in Koszalin.

Royal Greenland said the partnership allows further focus on and investment in its fishing, processing, sales and marketing of North Atlantic species such as coldwater shrimp, snow crab, Greenland halibut and Greenlandic cod.

For Espersen, the partnership supports the strategy of offering a full assortment of seafood to international customers.

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”We are proud and happy that Royal Greenland trusts us as a strong, strategic partner," said Klaus B. Nielsen, CEO of Espersen. "The partnership means that we now have facilities in place to support our growth strategies in retail and food service."

Mikael Thinghuus, CEO of Royal Greenland added; “We are very pleased to enter the processing agreement and to pass on ownership of our operations in Poland to Espersen. We have known Espersen for many years, we share the same values and we are convinced that Espersen is the right partner.

"We believe that Espersen, who is already our neighbor in Koszalin, will be able to move the combined production forward better than we would have been able to on our own to the benefit of both our customers and employees," he said. "In addition, we free up resources to further focus on our vertically integrated North Atlantic businesses.”


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