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Santa Barbara, MacKnight smoked salmon spat progresses in London court

Both parties proposed mediating their disputes.

Brothers Timothy and Jonathan Brown continue their legal battle in the UK court system over issues such as licensing agreements, trademark infringement and more, but both sides say they are "exploring mediation" to resolve the dispute. 

Timothy Brown is the CEO of US smoked salmon supplier Santa Barbara Smokehouse, while Jonathan Brown owns MacKnight Food Group. 

Both parties agreed on an order for directions that requires a case management conference followed by a trial before a judge. The trial is estimated to take up to seven days.

Santa Barbara, MacKnight suit moves forward in London court

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They also submitted costs budgets and other filings which will be discussed and settled at the case management conference set for Aug. 2, according to the status report, which both parties agreed to jointly file with the US Florida district court every three months. 

The most recent report was filed earlier this month and the next one is due in September.

“The parties have proposed mediating their disputes. While a formal mediation schedule is not yet agreed upon, the parties continue efforts to explore and schedule mediation,” said the status report.

Santa Barbara has deposited to the US court $1.3 million (€1.2 million), which reflects 13 payments of $100,000 (€89,220) from June 2016 through June 2017.


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