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Chile salmon industry vulnerable against 'delinquents,' Invermar president says

A number of thefts and little political action led to Izquierdo's statement.

Roberto Izquierdo, president of Chilean salmon farmer Invermar, condemned thefts in the salmon industry, and called on politicians to tackle the situation.

In the company’s annual report, Izquierdo regretted authorities do not have the capacity to stop this situation, and “there isn’t any political willingness to act against it," he said.

“This theft situation in our and other industries has Chile submitted in fear and in a sentiment of vulnerability against delinquents,” he said.

In addition, Izquierdo said the Chilean salmon industry will continue to face challenges related to natural conditions.

“Climate change has come from being a threat to being a reality with which we now have to coexist,” he said.


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