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Colombian tilapia supplier continues its quest for US market share

Group still sees opening for sustainable, quality fish with a story.

Fresh tilapia supplier PezCo is continuing on its mission to be as sustainable as possible, achieving various certificates left, right and center.

"Our main focus is responsible and sustainable aquafarming and what we've been focusing on is making sure each one of the pieces of our vertically integrated operation has a certificate in sustainability," Juan-Carlos Libreros, COO of the company, told IntraFish.

The company has BAP certificates across its hatcheries, grow outs, processing plants, and its feed mill is up next.

It also has Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certificates for its commercial office, grow outs and processing plants.

The group is also developing a new partnership together with indigenous Colombians to supply farm-raised rainbow trout to the local market, a project that has caught the attention of major retailers in the country.


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