Regal Springs CEO: US market still holds major growth opportunities

IntraFish caught up with new Regal Spring CEO Achim Eichenlaub about his plans for expanding the Regal brand.

Regal Springs CEO Achim Eichenlaub has only been on the job five months, but already he’s seeing the massive opportunities to expand the Regal brand.

“Today we’re very much a US brand, so we’re looking at a lot of new markets,” Eichenlaub told IntraFish. “But we have lots of opportunities to grow still in the US.”

Retail in particular poses some major opportunities for the group. To capitalize on what is essentially the only major tilapia brand in the world, Eichenlaub has strengthened his sales team by 50-60 percent in just 12 months.

“But we’re still at the beginning of the journey,” he said.

Though the brand is a priority, the group is still working with the trade.

“We’ll keep doing that, whether it’s Trident or High Liner or Gorton’s,” he said.

Developing markets in Central America pose great promise for the brand, Eichenlaub said, and eventually the group will crack the EU market.

“We’re reviewing it,” he said. “There is opportunity with pangasius’ problems, and we have all the arguments we need to establish more confidence in the trade.”


This story first appeared in our Boston show blog.


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