Nueva Pescanova workers go on second strike with no deal reached

Dispute over new worker's wages remains the biggest disagreement between parties.

Nueva Pescanova is calling on trade unions’ “responsibility” to recover social harmony following a one-day strike held in Vigo last week, and as the date for the second strike approaches, reports Faro de Vigo.

Trade Unions CIG, UGT, CUT and USO organized a second strike on March 21, as well as a demonstration in central Vigo.

Nueva Pescanova’s proposals in terms of salary are insufficient, according to workers, as wages for full time employees have been frozen over the past four years, and the proposed increase for the coming years is lower than inflation rates.

But the main discussion lays on conditions for new workers of the company.

For those who started at the end of 2015 and after, Nueva Pescanova has set a salary of €12,885 ($13,867) a year, that’s €700 ($753.40) a year above the sector’s average, but below the wages under the current agreement Pescanova has with permanent workers.

Other issues being discussed are flexible working hours and the application of an agreement existing in the processing sector which doesn't include longevity or internal promotion.

Unions are asking for a different agreement that is independent from the ones that are on the table.

Workers could start an indefinite strike on April 3 if they don't reach an agreement by then.


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