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Peruvian anchovy fishery launches a FIP

Fishery accounts for 6 million tons.

The Peruvian anchovy fishery this week launched its Fisheries Improvement Project (FIP) to get a “certifiable status” according to the guidelines of the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions (CASS).

This purse seine fishery accounts for up to 6 million tons of fish in a typical year. The fish are mostly used to make fishmeal and fish oil for aquaculture.

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The FIP was launched after the signature of a memorandum of understanding between the Peruvian National Fisheries Society (SNP) and the Center for Development and Sustainable Fisheries (CeDePesca).

This FIP will be developed in parallel (and coordinated) with another one for the direct human consumption part of the fishery, associated with Lovering Foods (UK) and Grupo Consorcio (Spain).

“The industrial anchovy fishery is very well managed and controlled: a recent report by OECD highlights the controls of the fishery and the World Bank has recently issued a report and video putting this fishery as an example. Of course, we have some challenges, which we will address with this FIP”, said Elena Conterno, chairperson of the SNP.

The Action Plan for the FIP includes an update of the former pre-assessment against the MSC standard, an evaluation of the trophic impacts of the fishery, the improvement of controls for the small-scale fleet and a better understanding of the direct impacts on other species, through a private on board observers program.

Feed producers Skretting and Cargill Nutrition have stated their strong support for the FIP and will participate in the steering committee.


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