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UN president to discuss upcoming Oceans Conference at NASF 2017

The collaboration indicates NASF global reach as organizers expect record attending companies from France.

Peter Thompson, president of the United Nations General Assembly, will discuss the upcoming UN Oceans Conference in New York at North Atlantic Seafood Forum (NASF) in Bergen, on March 8.

The UN official will be introduced at the opening season by Li Yong, UNIDO general director.

“We are honored to have the UN General Assembly President make use of our seafood business arena platform to broadcast the all-important message concerning this vital UN Oceans June Conference,” said Jorgen J. Lund, NASF managing director.

“The entry of the UN HQ into our arena is a further evidence of NASF's global outreach.”

Proving this point, NASF expects the attendance of 35 delegates from 20 different companies in France to its 12 edition with the creation of a nation delegation in France spearheaded by Jean-Noel Calon , NASF representative for France.

 The delegation is chaired by the French Maritime Cluster (CMF), which represents 2,500 marine and maritime companies.

“To foster the seafood industry we must integrate more strenuously investors and consumers into the innovation projects, and we have to create more synergies between countries,” said Frederic Moncany de Saint-Aignan, president of the CMF.


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