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Globefish: Shorter supply, weaker surimi prices in 2017

Lower prices agreed by US producers, Japanese buyers reflect a decrease in demand.

A new market study by the United Nations Fisheries and Aquaculture Department (FAO) information arm Globefish foresees a decline in surimi production to levels below those seen in 2015, and a drop in prices in 2017.

Alaska pollock harvesters face tough fishing, tougher market

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The recommendation of the International Council for the Exloration of the Sea (ICES) to cut cod quota in the Barents Sea by 10 percent, together with lower landings of Alaska pollock could reduce supply in 2017.

US pollock producers and Japanese buyers both agreed to reduce frozen surimi prices by JPY 50 for B season product, Globefish wrote, the first signs that the market may be softening after some five years of being on an upward trend.

Currently, the demand in Japan is slow, while demand and prices of surimi in Europe remain stable, according to the report.


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