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Who, where and what is the future of seafood?

IntraFish introduces a dynamic new report, giving an exclusive perspective on the world's most promising protein industry.

Ever wondered which companies are driving the international seafood industry? What their financials look like? Who's investing in them?

Ever wondered where in the world is investing most in the industry and what sectors have the biggest companies?

IntraFish's new and exclusive Investing in Seafood report goes under the skin of the industry, profiling the top 150 seafood companies, giving you an insight into their size, growth, focus and strategy.

With a dedicated page for each company with key financials, executives, investors and history, the report gives you everything you need to know in an easy and quick to understand format with graphics at the heart of the layout.

The report drills down into supply and market trends; the dynamics of where and in what sectors the biggest companies are; and gives a detailed timeline of the industry's M&A activity over the last year.

This 185 page report is the most focused, in-depth report you will find on the companies driving the seafood industry. Filled with graphs, charts, maps and infographics this report was written and compiled by IntraFish's international editorial team with the specific aim of producing the definitive report for investors.

Click here to see more details, including sample pages of the report, and to buy your copy today.


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