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Seafood supply and market updates


SUSTAINABILITY has hit the pelagic industry in Europe. Applications for MSC certification are now in for a number of fisheries, including North Sea herring and mackerel. In Morocco, mackerel and sardine fisheries have been certified by Friend of the Sea. Obviously the industry is keen to show the market that they are not over-exploiting resources.


IN RECENT months there has been a marked growth in demand for groundfish, but supplies are very tight. As a consequence, prices have shot up for some products. Cod and Alaska pollock are particularly short in supplies, and consequently some major price hikes have occurred.


THE sashimi market in Japan is stagnating again; it has never really recovered from the Asian financial crisis ten years ago. Imports of fresh/chilled tuna into Japan during the first half of 2008 dropped by 7.6% compared with the same period last year. However, imports of frozen tuna during this period went up, by 5.7%.


DURING the summer, octopus prices strengthened remarkably in Europe. Prices rose by up to 40% in some markets. But it will not last. As the Moroccan octopus fishery opened in July, supplies are expected to become more abundant, and prices will consequently decline.


SHRIMP is very sensitive to general economic conditions, and as conditions in the USA are now deteriorating, the shrimp market will suffer. There are other factors at play also, however.

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