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China driving up demand for small shrimp

Market has also driven down prices for Ecuadorian producers.

The market for small shrimp has grown, driven in particular by China, which is consuming more size 50/60; it used to be a consumer of larger size 30/40.

“I think 50/60 is the size that is going to stay stable and have less volatility in the future,” said Rodrigo Laniado, CEO of Ecuadorian producer Songa.

In China, prices of Ecuadorian shrimp sized 30/40 have gone from $9.89 (€8.40) per pound in January to $8.78 (€7.46) per pound in August.

On the other hand, margins in sizes of 40/50 have increased over the year.

“This means importers don’t make enough money with valuable sizes, and that is why they don’t demand it, it is important that we are able to generate great value for every part of the supply chain,” said Laniado.


This content originally appeared in IntraFish's AquaExpo 2017 blog.

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