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Northern Wind now exclusive supplier of Fair Trade scallops to US retailer

Company will supply the retailer's more than 240 stores.

US scallop producer Northern Wind recently inked a deal with US retail chain Hy-Vee, and is now the exclusive supplier of Fair Trade scallops to the retailer’s more than 240 stores.

Fair Trade certified products are designed to leverage the buying power of consumers to benefit farmers, and other workers who produce a wide range of agricultural products such as coffee, sugar and more.

Northern Wind was the first company in the scallop sector to gain Fair Trade certification, George Kouri, Co-CEO at the company, told IntraFish

“Our partnership with Fair Trade commenced July 2016 and we gained certification in October 2016. This made Northern Wind the first company in the scallop industry to complete the Fair Trade certification for 11 vessels, our processing facility and our packaging facility," said Kouri.

“Hy-Vee is a very well respected and sizeable partner to launch this label with, and we are so pleased to be working with them on this exciting opportunity,” said Kouri.

“Hy-Vee continues to work toward providing the very best in seafood for our Midwest customers,” said Brett Bremser, executive vice president of perishables. “Providing Fair Trade scallops gives our customers confidence that the scallops they enjoy from Hy-Vee were sourced responsibly.”

Under the Fair Trade program, Northern Wind adds a few cents per pound to the cost of its products for companies buying its certified scallops. The money is accrued in the Fair Trade program and then distributed across a range of programs that directly benefit scallop fishermen and their families, said Kouri.

The monies can help fund programs such as a fishermen’s survival fund, fishing gear replacement, healthcare for fishermen and their families, research and support for fishing related non-profits.

“We’re not making additional money on Fair Trade, but we are helping support the industry and people who supply the products we sell,” Kouri said.


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