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FDA clears 140 Indian firms for shrimp imports

These companies' raw, frozen and cooked shrimp made it onto a Green List

About 140 Indian seafood exporting businesses will be excluded from the US government's Detention Without Physical Examination (DWPE) list, according to an import alert released by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) earlier this month. 

This list, also known as the Green List, focuses on export companies dealing with fresh or fresh-frozen shrimp.

What's behind the battle against farmed shrimp imports?

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The FDA said these shrimp products from India often have issues with "filth, decomposition, and salmonella. Cooked shrimp should be charged with decomposition only."

"The names of exporters in the list are exempted from detention but are subject to random examination by the US authorities and the list is revised from time to time," said a large export company spokesperson, according to the Business Standard.

"Districts may detain, without physical examination, all fresh (raw), fresh frozen, and cooked shrimp from India, except shipments from those firms listed as exempt in the Green List to this alert," said the FDA.


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