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UK university commits to serving 100% MSC-certified fish

Head chef says the switch to Marine Stewardship Council fish comes with no additional cost but adds a broader number of species to the menu.

The University of Manchester said it will only be serving fish certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) in its nine catered halls of residence, reports The Caterer.

Food in Residence, which supplies the catering service to the hall's 2,200 students, is aiming to educate its suppliers, staff and students about the benefits of protecting the oceans and supporting sustainable seafood.

“We are proud to have implemented this policy," said Wendy Hardman, campus head chef at University of Manchester.

"Not only do we have traceability of how and where our fish have been responsibly caught, but the fish doesn’t cost us anymore then what we are currently buying. We also have a broader range of fish to choose from which we vary from week to week, including hoki, hake and pollock.”


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