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Online fish retailer aims to change US seafood consumption

The 'Amazon of fish' start-up is showing growth potential in the country.

Start-up online retailer, which runs a warehouse in New York that delivers food across the United States within one day, expects to change Americans eating habits with its Amazon-like concept, reports Fast Company.

The company selects and buys its fish from the New York’s New Fulton Fish Market, and distributes it to restaurants and individual consumers in the country.

Although the name could lead to confusion, the site is not the official web page of the famous market.

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“An order made in San Francisco will reach its destination within the same time frame as an order placed in New York,” said Mike Spindler, CEO of

“While will sell frozen fish on occasion, most of it is delivered fresh.”

Although the online shopping concept is not new, the start-up manages to bring data and technology to the fish industry.

Once they select their fish, the product’s temperature, weight and source data is noted down and digitalized, and the pack is labeled with a bar code, replacing the market’s traditional handwriting system.

The startup’s business has quadrupled since last year, and its revenue is in the millions, something that shows the potential for further growth.


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