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NYC restaurant offers exotic fish and chips

It is currently opening its first of four locations.

Simply Hooked, a unique new fish and chips restaurant, this month is opening its first of four locations in New York City.

The concept offers customers the opportunity to create their own fish and chips experience by selecting a regionally sourced, sustainably caught fish and then choosing unconventional coatings and sauces. 

Flavored coatings include:

  • Organic stout and squid ink Tempura
  • Matcha & Spirulina Tempura
  • Wasabi & Nori Tempura
  • Dill & Lime Panko
  • Sri Lankan spiced Panko
  • Sichuan pepper & ginger Panko

Diners can also add sauces such as smoked mayo, sage, dill, tarragon, barbecue and Coriander.

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The restaurant was founded by MasterChef finalist, Chef Matthias Leuliette, and restaurateur Jason Linehan.

"We continue to create delicious tastes and will not settle for anything less than responsibly sourced, in season, fresh fish," said Leuliette. The company is working with Sea to Table to source its seafood.

The fish options include:

  • Atlantic pollock
  • Boston mackerel
  • Wild blue catfish
  • Spiny dogfish

The restaurant is partnering with NGO the Lonely Whale Foundation to support the group in its efforts to educate and inspire a new generation of ocean advocates.

For every dish served, diners are asked to roundup their check, or make a direct donate to Lonely Whale's education initiative.


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