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US retailer Hannaford pushing 'local' seafood

Retailer is working with Gulf of Maine Research Institute to supply stores with traceable, local seafood.

Buying "local" is a popular trend with US consumers, and supermarkets have been addressing this by carrying a variety of so-called "local" products.

Hannaford supermarkets is working the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) to implement a local program in its seafood departments, according to an April 12 article in GMRI's newsletter, Waypoints.

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The two worked together to define which seafood would receive a local label.

Any fish or shellfish found in the fresh seafood case in a Hannaford location will carry the local label if it was harvested in the Gulf of Maine region -- from Cape Cod, Massachusetts to Halifax, Nova Scotia -- and was processed in one of the five states where Hannaford does business -- Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New York, according to the article.

"In the side cases, product with a local label must come from the US or Canada, and similarly, must be processed within Hannaford’s footprint," the article stated.

Suppliers of local products adhere to strict traceability requirements and agree to submit to an independent third-party traceability audit.

“Considering that the Gulf of Maine is in the backyard of the stores and communities where we do business, Hannaford is committed to ensuring that local seafood is available and present in our seafood cases," Leigh Chase, category manager for the seafood department at Hannaford, told Waypoints.

"Our goal is to have a credible program where customers can feel confident that they are buying local seafood that is properly vetted and is supporting the stability of our local communities.”


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