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Clearwater launches ready-to-use clam products into Europe

The group will present the new format at the upcoming show in Brussels.

Canada's Clearwater Seafoods is launching natural, wild-caught Arctic Surfclams in pre-cut and portioned sushi-ready slices to the European marketplace.

Clearwater targets EU sushi market with $4 million investment

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The company will showcase the ready-to-use clam format at the upcoming Seafood Expo Global (SEG), which takes place from April 25-27 in Brussels, Belgium.

"We're introducing Clearwater Frozen Arctic Surfclam Sushi-Ready Slices to meet the growing demand from today's sushi restaurant operators across Europe," said Michael Hollis, vice president sales, Europe, Middle East and Africa at Clearwater.

The clams are harvested in the North Atlantic off of Canada's East Coast, then blanched and individually quick frozen (IQF) onboard Clearwater's state-of-the-art factory vessels within an hour of harvesting.

At Clearwater's processing facility, the clams are sorted, size graded and rigorously quality control tested before being sliced in half and packed.

The Arctic Surfclam fishery is Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)-certified.


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