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India's leading seafood brand launches 'fitness packs'

Idea is packages will help subscribers with their health goals.

WestCoast Group's Cambay Tiger brand, India’s largest selling frozen seafood brand, is launching "Fitness Packs" as part of a new initiative to boost health in the country.

Fitness packs are packages to which individuals subscribe to help them manage their health and fitness goals such as weight loss, cholesterol management, muscle building, bone health, general fitness, eye care and beauty enhancement.

Subscribers need to consume optimum amounts of particular fish varieties for a fixed period of time to meet their specific fitness requirement.

The subscriptions are offered on a trial/weekly/monthly and quarterly basis.

The ready-to-cook Cambay Tiger Fitness Packs come in two flavors -- chilli basil and lemon pepper. The fish chunks are boneless, can be easily cooked in five minutes and are delivered free to the subscribers.

“Modern scientific research has proved that fish such as salmon, seer, tilapia and seabass are good for the heart,” said Raheela Hasan, nutritionist at Cambay Tiger.

“Salmon is good for eyes; red Snapper, good for skin; tilapia, good for the heart, muscles, brains and bones and tuna is good for weight loss enhanced immune system.”

The Fitness Packs are available at Cambay Tiger Seafood Mart in Bandra and Lokhandwala in Mumbai, and on, the e-commerce site of Cambay Tiger.

The company has plans to soon launch the Fitness Packs in other metro cities such as Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru and Chennai.


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