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VIDEO: US lobster firm debuts new packaging

Demands from its clients in Asia influenced the new product line look.

Cozy Harbor Seafood will be phasing out its old packaging after debuting a new design at the Boston Seafood Show. The company spent eight months in research and development for the new packaging for its lobster product line.

Cozy Harbor’s main Asian customers are in Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and China and these customers influenced the packaging.

The new design features a dual display option and a large window displaying the lobster tails. “Our customers said they want to see what they’re buying,” said Cozy Harbor President John Norton.

The new packaging is for Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)-certified whole, cooked Maine lobster, twin lobster tails, split lobster tails and two lobster meat varieties: one with tail, claw and knuckle meat while the other is claw and knuckle meat.

Current retail customers started transitioning and Cozy Harbor introduced it to new customers during the expo, he told IntraFish. It’s available to foodservice as well.



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