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UK retailer to offer DNA-traceable shrimp

It is the first time shrimp DNA-based data will be available to the consumer.

UK high-end retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S) will offer a line of traceable shrimp based on DNA technology under the framework of a ‘farm to fork’ program, introduced by Seafresh in partnership with technology developer IdentiGEN.

With this technology -- which is already available in the meat industry -- shrimp can be traced on a DNA based data system that will offer accurate information on the origin and the quality of the shrimp.

The program will also help promote ethical labor practices throughout shrimp supply chains.

"This program will give guaranteed transparency to both the retailer and consumers that what they are buying is sourced from approved sources and meets the highest standards in terms of production practices,” said Ronan Loftus, co-founder and director of IdentiGEN.

It is the first time this kind of information based on DNA is available to the consumer, and it will be available across M&S' outlets in the United Kingdom.


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