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VASEP: Carrefour's pangasius decision not a major impact on industry

However, country feels it needs to work to win back consumer trust.

French retail giant Carrefour recently announced it would no longer sell pangasius at several of its locations, including those in Belgium, France and Spain, but Vietnam's producers say life goes on.

Producers there said the decision will not have a big impact on pangasius consumption in Europe, particularly since it carries several certifications.

“It is unknown how much they sell a year since they do not buy directly from us but through importers," said VASEP General Secretary Truong Dinh Hoe, according to

"However, the information from a number of importers shows that the percentage of tra fish sold by Carrefour is negligible."

Hoe said the pangasius sector needs to further improve quality and increase sustainable practices to win over consumers.


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