Pulse fishing offers only benefits

Sjaak Brinkman is the fourth generation of a well-known family of fishermen from Stellendam in southern Holland. Great-grandfather Piet, grandfather Henk, father Cees and uncle Jan fished for sole and plaice in the North Sea.

Live fish option for new Norwegain seiner

Combination seine netter and purse seiner Ballstadøy for Rederiet Ballstadøy, based in the Lofoten Islands off Norway’s west coast, is the latest delivery from Vestværftet of Hvide Sande in Denmark.

Custom-made crab gear

Chris and Emma Martin started Cornwall Creels in the English fishing port of Newquay some years ago, starting out with a small operation in a shed before moving up to larger unit, and then downscaling again.

The Wall, by Tor-Net

Tor-Net has focused on hexagonal mesh pelagic trawl designs since the outset, producing trawl gear for customers around the world.

Boosting purse seine business

With around six hundred large tuna purse seiners active around the equator in three oceans, there are prospects for French fishing gear supplier Le Drezen to expand beyond the French market, according to managing director Max Dufour.

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