United States Seafoods gets new vessel

The former Navy boat underwent a $30 million renovation to catch and process Alaska fish.

Seattle-based Seafreeze America added a new vessel to its fleet Thursday -- a 233-foot former Navy oceanographic vessel that underwent a $30 million (€26.5 million) overhaul to be able to catch and process fish in Alaska, reported the Seattle Times.

Later in June, the boat will head to Alaska to harvest, among other species, yellowfin sole.

“My whole thing is that it’s important for Seattle to maintain a diverse infrastructure,” said Matt Doherty, president of United States Seafoods, which owns SeaFreeze America. “Everyone is not a computer programmer.”

The Seafreeze America vessel is now part of the "head and gut" fleet based out of Washington state's Puget Sound, a fleet that uses trawl nets to fish and then processes on board.


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