Meet the Fleet: Austevoll Seafood's Don Ole

Climb aboard one of the fishing giant's Peruvian beasts.

Key Vessel Specifications

  • Name: Don Ole
  • Owner: Austral Group SSA, Peru, 90% owned by Austevoll Seafood ASA, Norway
  • Class: DNV+1A1
  • Year built: 2015

Austevoll's Don Ole was added to the Austral fleet in December 2015 to fish for anchovy, mackerel and jack mackerel in Peru.

Austral fished 100 percent of its quota in the 2015 second anchovy season, with a total fishmeal yield of 23.3 percent and total fish oil yield of 2.7 percent.

Its quota for the first season of 2016 is 382,000 metric tons compared to 375,000 metric tons in 2014.

In Depth:

NameDon Ole
DesignerHeimli/ FMV
Year built2015
ShipyardFitjar Mek
Length60.5 meters
Breadth12.6 meters
Depth6.4 meters
Gross tonnage1427 tonnes
Speed16.3 knots
Main engineMAK 9M25C, 3000 Kw
Aux. Engines2x C18 Cat, and one C5 harbour aux
Control/steeringFinnoy gear and propeller, Rolls Royce steering gear
Thrusters2x 590 Kw sidethrusters from Brunvoll
RSW system2x 1030 KW, FrioNordica
Circulation systemCflowCap
RSW tanks1080 m3
WinchesRapp/ Triplex
Instrumentswheelhouse Su93 Simrad low frekv., Kaijo High frkv sonar, 2x simrad echosounder, Sailor radios
Area of harvestingPeru
Captain/FishmasterEduardo Acevedo/ Edgardo Rojas